Formed in 2009, our team comes with over 25 years of international corporate experience.                                                          

Our temporary and contract staffing solutions is designed for those times when you need talent at a short notice to fill gaps in your knowledge pool to deliver your commitment to your client. 

As a business manager, you’re no doubt aware that these are difficult times for the human resource market. You’ve probably even heard that many redundancies are taking place across New Zealand, over 500 people are leaving across the ditch every week and we have critical skill sh

If you’re thinking my business is doing alright now, but in these uncertain times what are your options to stay ahead of the game, you’re probably wondering whether it’s still possible to hire the right staff and get the value at the end of the day without impacting the bottom line. 

Rec-i has developed a flexible staffing solution which creates a great balance between requirement, staff location, and skill, than any other agency in the area. We know this market, and we know how to ensure that you get the best value. And we’ll be happy to put you in touch with some past customers who’ll vouch for our ability to provide staffing solution quickly and at the best option, even under challenging conditions. 

If you’re thinking of hiring, please call me first. Even if you don’t hire from me, you’ll learn some facts about today’s market that will help you get a better value. And if you know somebody else who might be interested in hiring pass my name along